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  How to Go Ao Mai Phai Krabi Thailand  

How to Go Ao Mai Phai Krabi Thailand

Location: About 1.5 kilometers away from Klong Jark Beach.

Ao Mai Phai Krabi Thailand

Ao Mai Phai Krabi
Ao Mai Phai How to get there:
Ao Mai Phai is the innermost beach about 20 kilometers away from Talad Saladan; tourists may need to hire 4-wheel vehicles at rather high charges. Betterr to hire motorcycles by riding south ward for about 16 kilometers and furthr onto the laterite road up and down the hill all the way through for another 4 kilometers of find Ao Mai Phai on the right.

Ao Mai Phai Krabi Thailand
Ao Mai Phai is the last beach in the west of Koh Lanta Yai. Tourists are familiar with its other name Lasbeach. Though located innermost, the beach is not free from visitors because of its peaceful setting with lush green hills where tourists can sit and enjoy the sounds of insects, waves and wind all day long.

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Ao Mai Phai Krabi
Ao Mai Phai

Ao Mai Phai is not as beautiful as Klong Jark as there are rocks in some parts, but outstanding for the view of the U-shaped sandy beach in alternation with rocks stretching as long as 30 meters, the middle part of which is ideal for swimming. In the evening, Ao Mai Phai offers a romantic viewpoint for sunset that shines on the curving beach, ideal for lovers who seek privacy. More to visit are Laem Ta-node and other attractions in Mu Koh Lanta National Park just another 2 kilometers drive.

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Ao Mai Phai-the last beach in the Westside of Koh Lanta, well known to foreigners by the name Last beachhas a long and wide beach line with sand grains similar to Ao Ba Kantiang but more peaceful, as it takes time to come here.

Ao Mai Phai Krabi Thailand
Ao Mai Phai Krabi

Ao Mai Phai has a very long beach line but only a few lodges making it more peaceful than other Lanta islands.