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  How to Go Koh Bu Bu Krabi Thailand  

How to Go Koh Bu Bu Krabi Thailand

Location: East of Koh Lanta Yai, opposite the Old District Pier

Koh Bu Bu Krabi Thailand

Koh Bu Bu Krabi
Koh Bu Bu How to get there:
By taxi boats from the the Old Pier at 300 baht / person taking about 15 minute Guests of Bu Bu island Resort may call for boats to pick up.

Koh Bu Bu Krabi Thailand
Koh Bu Bu is a small island with an area of about 30 rai with great nature made up of beach line around and abundant treesserene and private. Besides staying overnight, many a tourists like to come on a one-day tour.

Koh Bu Bu Krabi
Koh Bu Bu

Had Na Koh: Located west of the island with a wide front and a beach line as long as 100 meters stretching from the southern beach. The front beach has fine white clean sand good for a swim, while the rear is a large flat land where Bu Bu Island Resort is located Long-tailed boats takes tourists to Koh Bu Bu at front beach which offers a nice view of Koh Por, Koh Lanta as wel as the sunset.
Southern Beach: Sharing the same beach line with Had Na Koh that stretches continuouslynarrower but shady with Sea Bodhi trees. Easy to skirt by the beach and walk on at the low tie, or take a walk further to the upper cape that offers a clear view of Koh Por.

Koh Bu Bu Krabi Thailand
Koh Bu Bu Krabi

Northern Beach: This side is made up of short beaches in alternation with underwater rocks that part the beach. It is possible to walk from Had Na KOh along the nature-study route to the beach which is not good for swimming but has good scenery with the front view of Koh Kam Yai and KOh Kam Lek, koh Talanbeng and Koh Lanta Noi. The rear is a hillside shady with beach forest and evergreen hill forest.
Nature-study route of Koh Bu Bu: About 800 meters long around the island, easy to walk as it is a flat land passing small beaches and bays. Animals such as wild fowl, monkeys, ground lizard, and birds especially hornbill that reside on the island and like coming for banyan fruit.

Koh Bu Bu
Koh Bu Bu Krabi Thailand

Canoeing round the island: Besides a swim and a walk round the island, canoes are available for viewing the scenery free of charge for guests of the resorts. Interested tourists may contact the resort counter directly. Life jackets and masks are available for borrowing.
Facilities: Bu Bu Island Resort with 14 lodges (15 rooms) at baht 400 1,000.
Pick-up boat service is charged per distance.
Free service of canoes, life jackets, masks for guests of the Resort.
Call 0 7561 8066, 08 1894 5732

Koh Bu Bu Krabi Thailand