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  How To Go Koh Ngai Krabi Thailand  

How To Go Koh Ngai Krabi Thailand

Location: South of Koh Lanta, about 18 kilometers away from Ku Koh Lanta National Park

Koh Ngai Krabi Thailand

Koh Ngai Krabi
Koh Ngai How to get there:
From Koh Lanta: By speed boat package and big passenger boat from Ban Saladan Pier daily in the high seasons leaing Koh Lanta at about 09.00 hours.

Lanta Tourist Center Tel: 0 7568 4086, 0 7568 4755
Lanta Princess Tel: 0 7568 4188, 08 1569 9399, 08 1416 9949
Lanta Jinda Tour Tel: 0 7566 5042, 08 7286 8522
Lanta Holiday Travel and Tour Tel: 0 7568 4031, 08 9652 1148

Koh Ngai Krabi Thailand
Koh Ngai is not a big island in Krabis sea on the Krabi-Trangs Water border line about 15 kilometers away only from Pak Meng Pier, convenient to travel from both provinces. Koh Ngai has long been the tourists favorite for its natural beauty including sandy beaches, clear water and nice diving spot. The sand on Koh Ngais beach is so white worth taking a walk.

Koh Ngai Krabi
Koh Ngai

Koh Ngai Beach: Located east of the island as the longest beach that stretches continuously for kilometers with fine white clean sand, slightly sloping ideal for swimming. The beach front offers a view of Koh Chueak, Koh Ma and Koh Waen. Koh Ngai Beach is an accommodation ceter where tour boats usually sto for relaxations and from here it is possible to go by long-tailed boat for a dive at Koh Chueak, Koh Ma and Koh Waen to view the abundant coralsof the Trangs sea.
Laem Chao Mae kuan Im: Located in the couthwst of Koh Ngai, this cape apex is make up of a cliff with huge pointed rockwhen viewed in the opposite angle of the west looking like an Image of Bodhisatava Kuan Im regarded as Koh Ngais symbol. Laem Chao Mae Kuan Im is also a diving spot for coral viewing.

Koh Ngai Krabi Thailand
Koh Ngai Krabi

Ao Muang Beach: Located in the south further next to Laem Chao Mae Kuan Im, Ao Muang is a small bay with uniqueness of underwater stones in purplue that change the sea color in sunshine. This sandy beach is a little narrow but shady with the evergreen forest that makes fresh cool air and a peaceful setting.
Ao Ko Tong: Located further next to Ao Muang Beach, the beach is about 200 meters long with white clean sand and emerald green water, edeal for swimming. The reahis is the same beach that stretches continuously from Na Koh Ngai Beach.

Koh Ngai Krabi Thailand

Koh Ngai Krabi

Nature-study route of Koh Ngai:
Start a walk in front of Koh Ngai passing the flat land in the island center for about 2 kilometers onto the last part before going uphill in the west shady with evergreen forest. Then walk across to a small bay on the hill before cutting down to the bay where high-angled scenery can be viewed. The bay down below is smooth with white clean sand and unique rocks forming a nice scenery. This route takes 1.30 hours for a round trip.
Facilites: Koh Ngai is where the National Park Guard Unit of Mu Koh Lanta located in Ao Ko Tong area. Camping is allowed but tourists need to bring their stuff including food and drinks. Tourist prefers staying at a resort in a package tour that includes travel, accommodation, and boat for touring nearby islands. Package tours by agencies at Pak Meng Pier are also available and more convenient.

For more details, contact:
Koh Ngai Resort Tel: 0 7520 6924, 0 7520 6926
Koh Ngai Fantacy Resort Tel: 0 2316 3577, 0 2317 1274
Coco Cottage Tel: 0 7521 2375-6
Koh Ngai Krabi Thailand