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  How To Go Koh Talabeng Krabi Thailand  

How To Go Koh Talabeng Krabi Thailand

Location: East of Koh Lanta Noi, opposite Ban Loh Yai

How to get there:
By taxi boat from Ban Loh Yai Pier taking about 10 minutes Koh Talabeng is composed of two islandsTalabeng Yai and Talabeng Noimade up of limestone lying big and long from northwest down to southeast. When viewed from the Pier the island looks like a wall of mountain in the sea with beautiful cliffs around. Also available are bays for tourists to stop their kayaks and relax.

Ao Kua Koh Tlabeng Yai: Located northwest near the upper part of the island with a beach not so wide aobut 40 meters long, the sand is redish white, grainy but he water is clear, ideal for kayaking for a swim. In the rear is a shady line of trees. Tourists like to kayak and stop to swm at this bay

Talay Waek at Talabeng: Located almost at the end of Koh Talabeng Yai, this is a small bay with two stony hills in front, the beach of which is unable to see at high tide. When the water is down, a sand ridge appears from the beach to link these two hills like a parting sea at Koh Kai and Koh MOr near Ao Nang but smaller.
Ao Bon: A small bay south of Koh Talabeng Noi sided with steep cliffs with redish whitesand. Ao Bon is the most beautiful bay in Koh Talabeng and never-to-miss. Tour operators like to bring tourists here for lunch. The bay is called Bon after the trees that grow at the beach rear.

Them Yai Prasat: Located at Koh Talabeng Noi next to Ao Bon, possible to walk in to see exquisite stalagmites and stalactites. On the way is rather dark and need to rope in clombing to see the inside cave. Guide and flashlights are recommended.
Besides Koh Talabeng, not so far is Koh Bu Bua small private island to visit by boat in 15 minutes for a walk and swim at its beautiful beach, with Koh Kam Yai and Koh Kam Lek on the way to view scenery. To visit to Koh Talabeng, contact tour counters at the resorts or tour agencies, or call:
Khun Narathorn HOngthong Tel: 08 9590 9173
Lanta Tourist Center Tel: 0 7568 4122, 0 7568 4086

Koh Talabeng is a steep limestone island lying nort-south like a wall of mountain in the sea. Between Koh Talabeng Yai and Koh Talabeng Noi is a nice canyon, possible to yakak around when the currents is not strong.