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  How to Go Kor Kwang Beach Krabi Thailand  

How to Go Kor Kwang Beach Krabi Thailand

Location: Stretching long in connection with Laem Kor Kwang

Kor Kwang Beach Krabi Thailand

Kor Kwang Beach Krabi
Kor Kwang Beach Krabi Thailand How to get there:
Convenient by 4-wheel vehicle from Talad Saladan. Private car can also reach the beach using the same route to Laem Kor Kwang, about 3 kilometers away from the market.

Kor Kwang Beach
In the evening, a lot of lovers are there to admire the beauty of the sea before sunset. They like to walk to view the scenery at Laem Kor Kwang by Kor Kwang Beach Resort.
Just a short walk across the hill, you can have a high-angled view of Kor Kwang Beach that stretches long in connection with Klong Dao Beach.
Kor Kwang Beach Krabi Thailand
Kor Kwang Beach Krabi Though it is the nearest beach to Talad Saladan, this beach is serene-not crowded with boats or water sports. Tourists can seek private and peaceful sports, as there are only 3 resorts there.
Kor Kwang Beach is outstanding with its large long leveling beach where tourists can walk on at low tide like walking on a sandy football yard.