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  How to go Laem Tanod Krabi Thailand  

How to go Laem Tanod Krabi Thailand

Location: Next to Ao Mai Phai, about 2 kilometers away, in the area of Mu Kuh Lanta National Park.

Laem Tanod Krabi Thailand

Laem Tanod Krabi
Laem Tanod How to get there:
This cape is the last attraction of the Westside beach about 22 kilometers away from Talad Saladan. Tourists like to hire motorcycle as they can drop in at other beaches on the way by riding southward from the market for about 16 kilometers and further for another 6 kilometers on the laterite road up and down the hill to find the National Park of Mu Koh Lanta.

Laem Tanod Krabi Thailand
Laem Tanod is located at the end of Koh Lanta Yai as the last attraction of the Westside beaches in the area of Nu Koh Lanta National Park. The cape that sticks out into the sea forms a beach on ach sideone in the east is white and sandy as long as 150 meters, and the Westside one made up of rocks called by the locals Hin Ngam Beach.

Laem Tanod Krabi
Laem Tanod

The island has a hill at the end where a lighthouse is located. Tourists may go up for a view the beaches on both sides, and palm sugar trees that cover the hill by which this cape is so called. From Laem Tanod, Koh Ngaiabout 19 kilometers away, Koh Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai about 30 kilometers away can be clearly seen. In the National Park, there is a nature-study route as long as 1.7 kilometers with viewpoints
Laem Tanod may not be ideal for a swim, but offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints on Koh Lanta Yai. In the evening, tourists who stay far away have to find a day to come for sunset here to end their tour program.

Laem Tanod Krabi Thailand
Laem Tanod Krabi

Though Mu Koh Lanta is a national park on an island, it is copleted with facilities including two big lodges consisting of a one-storey wooden house of 4 bedrooms with baths at 3,000 baht/night (tourists can take two bedrooms with baths at a half price). Also available are a campingground under the shady pie trees: and welfare shops that sell food, drinks and snacks.
Haad Hin beach, west of Laem Tanod Cape, is unique as it is made up of white smooth round pebbles scattering throughout the beach. Standing at the view point around the Lighthouse, one can see this stony beach on the left, while on the right is a white sandy beach, two settings in one place.

Laem Tanod Krabi Thailand
Laem Tanod Krabi

Entrance Fee
40 baht/adult, and 20 baht/ child for Thais 400 baht/ adult, and 200 baht/child for foreigners (ticket is valid for one week)